Apple WWDC 2024 Artwork

Tech Ahoy’s key takeaways from Apple WWDC 2024

Yesterday, the Tech Ahoy crew got together after work to enjoy Apple’s WWDC 2024 on our massive TV along with house beers and delicious Gordon Ramsay Street Burgers, of course! Here are some of the key takeaways (groan) from the event.

WWDC Highlights

iOS 18: AI is coming to iOS!

iOS 18 introduces a host of new features and improvements, including enhanced privacy controls, a redesigned notification system, and improved multitasking capabilities. The update brings advanced customization options for widgets and home screen layouts, along with deeper integration with Apple’s ecosystem. Enhanced performance, battery optimization, and new health and wellness features, such as expanded sleep tracking and mental health tools, make iOS 18 a comprehensive upgrade for users.

But the standout announcement was Apple Intelligence, which promises to be a groundbreaking update in iOS 18. New features include:

  • Upgraded Siri: Enhanced with conversational abilities and deeper integration with apps.
  • System-wide ChatGPT: Thanks to a partnership with OpenAI, users will have access to ChatGPT across the system.
  • Smart Features: Including auto-generated emojis, photo editing via voice commands, and AI-assisted writing in Pages and Keynote.

macOS Sequoia: Seamless Integration

Aside from AI integrations, macOS Sequoia introduces a range of new features and enhancements designed to improve productivity and user experience. Key updates include a redesigned Control Center for easier access to essential settings, enhanced privacy features with more robust app permissions, and seamless integration with Apple’s ecosystem, allowing for improved cross-device functionality. Additionally, performance improvements and refined UI elements make macOS Sequoia faster and more intuitive than ever before.

The fabulous Vision Pro and major updates to visionOS 2

Apple’s Vision Pro is set to receive its first major software update, with visionOS 2 introducing enhanced spatial audio, improved gesture recognition, and advanced environmental mapping for more immersive and responsive AR experiences. New developer tools enable richer AR content, while performance optimizations ensure smoother operation. Enhanced security features and a streamlined user interface complete this significant upgrade for AR users and professionals.

iPadOS 18

Building upon the foundation of iOS 18, iPadOS 18 incorporates many of its new features while optimizing them for the larger display and multitasking capabilities of the iPad. Key updates include improved accessibility with advanced eye-tracking technology, allowing users to navigate the interface more intuitively and inclusively. The update also enhances split-view multitasking, providing more flexibility and control over app windows, and introduces new productivity tools like enhanced Apple Pencil support and more robust file management options.

watchOS 11

This update brings a series of minor yet meaningful enhancements to Apple Watch users. Among the most notable are new watch faces that offer greater customization and more information at a glance. Additionally, watchOS 11 introduces new workout types, expanding the range of activities that can be tracked and logged. While this update focuses on refining the user experience, it also sets the stage for future advancements, with blood pressure monitoring anticipated in upcoming hardware releases, promising a significant leap forward in health tracking capabilities.

tvOS 18

This may seem like a modest update, but it brings several improvements aimed at enhancing the seamless experience across Apple’s ecosystem. The update focuses on refining continuity features, making it easier for users to switch between their Apple devices while watching content. Enhanced AirPlay functionality, better integration with HomeKit, and improved multi-user support are among the key highlights. These updates ensure a smoother and more integrated viewing experience, reinforcing Apple TV’s role as a central hub in the connected home.

Apple’s focus on AI across its platforms is set to provide users with smarter, more intuitive devices, highlighting Apple’s commitment to innovation and user experience, promising exciting times ahead for developers and consumers alike.

If you missed the event, you can watch the WWDC 2024 video on Apple’s official YouTube channel. For more detailed coverage, you might like to check out the latest reports on MacRumors and​​ 9to5Mac​.